Three moons left

The year is fading

Already gone

And present still

The year is fading

Two warm hearts broken

Trying to get back the beat

Of what was left of mine

Now it’s whole

Bigger and blacker

With women sweet blood

With women sad smiles

The year is fading

False company gone

True loneliness soars

The fiery strength

The scented soil

The year is fading

God looked and smiled at me

With His terrible all loving eyes

I vowed in bliss to his feet

And let my mind force me to forgot

The year is fading

Then I walked the worldly road

Embraced and beheld the great work

Bane the wight, inflamed the hex

Waked the dragon

Merged the true wolf

The year is fading

The entheogen exhausted

Adrift the shore came

The new lands demanded

Come the inner way

The year is fading

Now the path is calling

Wanderlust twitches and roars

Bid farewell to heartland

The cold far north approaches

The year is fading

And yet it’s not gone.